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09 февраля 2011

1. Кингсфорд, Анна
2. Биография
3. Медицинское образование
4. Смерть
5. Публикации
6. Библиография

  • , Beatrice: a Tale of the Early Christians, Joseph Masters, Londres, 114 p., 1863.
  • , River-Reeds. Poems, Joseph Masters, Londres, 71 p., 1866.
  • , An Essay on the Admission of Women to the Parliamentary Franchise, Trubner & Co., Londres, 1868.
  • In My Lady’s Chamber; a Speculative Romance Touching a Few Questions of the Day., J. Burns, Londres, 319 p., 1873.
  • , Rosamunda the Princess, an Historical Romance of the Sixth Century; and Other Tales, James Parker and Co., Oxford et Londres, 365 p., 1875.
  • The Perfect Way in Diet, A Treatise advocating a return to the natural an ancient food of our race., Kegan Paul, Trench & Co., Londres, 121 p., 1881.
  • The Perfect Way, or Finding of Christ, Hamilton, Adams & Co., Londres, 405 p., 1882. Field and Tuer, Londres, 1887.
  • The Virgin of the World. A translation of Hermetic manuscripts. Introductory essays and notes by Anna Kingsford and Edward Maitland., George Redway, Londres, et P. Kailasam Brothers, Spiritualistic Book Depot, Madras, 154 p., 1885.
  • Astrology Theologized: the Spiritual Hermeneutics of Astrology and Holy Writ – A Treatise upon the Influence of the Stars on Man and on the Art of Ruling Them by the Law of Grace. Long prefatory essay, and translation by Anna Kingsford, from the original by Valentine Weigelius, dated 1649, George Redway, Londres, 121 p., 1886.
  • Health, Beauty and the Toilet: Letters to Ladies from a Lady Doctor., Frederick Warne and Co., Londres et New York, 232 p., 1886.

Посмертно, под редакцией Эдварда Мэйтланда:

  • Dreams and Dream Stories, George Redway, Londres, 281 p., 1888.
  • Clothed with the Sun. Being the Book of the Illuminations of Anna Kingsford., John M. Watkins, Londres, 1889. Réédition par Forgotten books ISBN 9781606201893.

Под редакциями других авторов:

  • Anna Kingsford Intima Sacra: a Manual of Esoteric Devotion., E. M. Forsyth, David Stott, Londres, 163 p., 1891.
  • Anna Kingsford & Edward Maitland, Addresses and Essays on Vegetarianism. Anna Kingsford and Edward Maitland., Samuel Hopgood Hart, John M. Watkins, Londres, 227 p., 1912.
  • Anna Kingsford & Edward Maitland, The Credo of Christendom: and other Addresses and Essays on Esoteric Christianity., Samuel Hopgood Hart, John M. Watkins, Londres, 256 p., 1916.

Под псевдонимом Нинон Кингсфорд опубликовала рассказы в журналах Penny Post с 1868 по 1872 и Ladies Pictorial с 1884 по 1887.

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