Биология - Применение грибов в медицине - Piptoporus betulinus

09 февраля 2011

1. Применение грибов в медицине
2. Исследования грибов на основе сведений народной медицины
3. Research findings
4. Hericium erinaceus
5. Inonotus obliquus
6. Piptoporus betulinus
7. Cordyceps

The «Birch bracket» mushroom.

Piptoporus betulinus has anticancer properties, anti-inflammatory properties, anti-bacterial properties, and anti-viral properties.

Ötzi the Iceman, a mummified human from 3300 BC, was found carrying Piptoporus betulinus wrapped in a leather string. Some scientists have speculated it was used medicinally, due to the fact the mummy was found to have intestinal parasites.

Agrocybe cylindracea

Researchers have studied Agrocybe cylindracea for biological activity. Researchers have noted the mushroom possess anticancer properties, hypoglycemic properties, antioxidant compounds, as well as compounds with cyclooxygenase inhibitory properties.

Fomes fomentarius

Research has indicated the tinder conk mushroom contains compounds with antitumor activity.

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