Биология - Применение грибов в медицине - Hericium erinaceus

09 февраля 2011

1. Применение грибов в медицине
2. Исследования грибов на основе сведений народной медицины
3. Research findings
4. Hericium erinaceus
5. Inonotus obliquus
6. Piptoporus betulinus
7. Cordyceps

The «Lion’s Mane Mushroom».

To English speakers, the mushroom is known as «Lion’s Mane Mushroom», to the Chinese it is known as «monkey head mushroom». In Japanese the mushroom is known as yamabushitake, or «mountain hidden mushroom».

Scientists have investigated Hericium erinaceus for possible anti-dementia activity. Primary research has demonstrated the following.

  • Stimulated animal nerve cells.
  • A double-blind, parallel-group, placebo-controlled trial showed improved cognitive ability.
  • Stimulated nerve growth factor in an in vitro experiment with human astrocytoma cells.
  • Stiumlated myelination in an in vitro experiment.

Flammulina velutipes

The Enokitake mushroom.

Enokitake are long, thin white mushrooms used in Asian cuisines.

This mushroom contains compounds with antitumor activity and epidemiological studies in Japan have associated the mushroom with lower cancer rates.

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