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09 февраля 2011
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В 1903 году награждён Медалью Линнея за продолжение линнеевских традиций в современной биологии.


  • The Seven Sisters of Sleep. Popular history of the seven prevailing narcotics of the world.
  • A Manual of Structural Botany: for the use of classes, schools, & private students … With upwards of 200 illustrations by Ruffle
  • A Manual of Botanic Terms … With illustrations.
  • A Plain and Easy Account of British Fungi: with descriptions of the esculent and poisonous species … With twenty-four coloured plates.
  • Index Fungorum Britannicorum. A complete list of fungi found in the British Islands to the present date, etc..
  • Our Reptiles. A plain and easy account of the lizards, snakes, newts, toads, frogs, and tortoises indigenous to Great Britain. With original figures of every species, and numerous woodcuts.
  • Rust, smut, mildew, & mould. An introduction to the study of microscopic fungi.
  • A Fern Book for Everybody. Containing all the British ferns. With the foreign species suitable for a fernery.
  • One Thousand Objects for the Microscope, etc..
  • Handbook of British Fungi, with full descriptions of all the species and illustrations of the genera.
  • Report on the Gums, Resins, Oleo-Resins, and Resinous Products in the India Museum, or produced in India. Prepared under the direction of the Reporter on the Products of India.
  • Fungi: their nature, influence, and uses.
  • Report on the Oil Seeds and Oils in the India Museum, or produced in India. Prepared under the direction of the Reporter on the Products of India.
  • The Woodlands.
  • Mycographia, seu Icones fungorum. Figures of fungi from all parts of the world, drawn and illustrated by M. C. Cooke.
  • Ponds and Ditches.
  • Freaks and Marvels of Plant Life; or, Curiosities of vegetation.
  • Illustrations of British Fungi… To serve as an atlas to the «Handbook of British Fungi».
  • British Fresh-Water Algæ. Exclusive of Desmidieæ and Diatomaceæ, etc..
  • British Desmids. A supplement to British Fresh-Water Algæ, etc..
  • Toilers in the Sea. A study of marine life.
  • Introduction to Fresh-Water Algæ with an enumeration of all the British species … With thirteen plates, etc..
  • British Edible Fungi: how to distinguish and how to cook them, etc..
  • Vegetable Wasps and Plant Worms. A popular history of entomogeneous fungi or fungi parasitic upon insects… With… illustrations.
  • Romance of Low Life amongst Plants. Facts and phenomena of cryptogamic vegetation.
  • Handbook of British Hepaticae, etc..
  • Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms.
  • Down the Lane and back, in search of wild flowers. By Uncle Matt.
  • Through the Copse. Another ramble after flowers with Uncle Matt.
  • Around a Cornfield, in a ramble after wild flowers. By Uncle Matt.
  • Across the Common, after wild flowers. By Uncle Matt.
  • A Stroll on a Marsh, in search of wild flowers. By Uncle Matt.
  • Introduction to the Study of Fungi: their organography, classification, and distribution. For the use of collectors.
  • Object-Lesson Handbooks to accompany the Royal Portfolio of Pictures and Diagrams.
  • Introduction to fresh water algae.
  • Fungoid Pests of Cultivated Plants.

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