Биология - Бентли, Роберт - Печатные труды

08 февраля 2011

1. Бентли, Роберт
2. Печатные труды

Alpinia officinarum. Рисунок Дэвида Блэйра из книги Бентли и Тримена Medicinal Plants.
  • «A Manual of Botany: including the structure, functions, classification, properties, and uses of plants», etc.
  • «Characters, Properties, and Uses of Eucalyptus»
  • «Principal Plants employed in Medicine»
  • «Botany»
  • «Medicinal Plants: being descriptions with original figures of the principal plants employed in medicine and an account of the characters, properties, and uses of their parts and products of medicinal value» v1, v2, v3, v4.
  • «The Student’s Guide to Structural, Morphological, and Physiological Botany»
  • «A Text-book of Organic Materia Medica, comprising a description of the vegetable and animal drugs of the British Pharmacopoeia, with other non-official medicines», etc.

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